Summer & Ed


About Us

Ed and I both live in Southern California. We only see each other on weekends since we live 80 miles apart But we are going to figure out some way to live together once we get married!

We met in a club in downtown L.A. almost 4 years ago. I thought he was cute so I went up and said hi. Haha what can i say, I saw my prize and I went straight for it!

After Ed purposed on Jan 1, 2009, I told him I wanted to have the wedding in Vegas. Since I'm a super lazy person who hates to plan anything, I figured we can just get one of those hotel wedding packages and be done with it. At first Ed didn't like the idea. Vegas wedding seems like something you'd do when you are drunk I guess. But then I showed him how nice hotels like Venetian and the Wynn have nice packages...etc, and he agreed it can be fun. But now I realize, man, there is still sooo much to plan! lol. But I don't regret my decision. In general I think weddings are boring, so I think Vegas will bring some fun to the wedding!